This page contains general help for users of the VeriSky system. For help specific to your role within the system, please see the relevant page:

General Help Questions

How do I add an additional dashboard?

If you are currently using a VeriSky dashboard and would like to purchase an additional dashboard please email Setup usually takes less than 24 hours.

How do I change my picture or account information like my email and password?

To change account information, like your picture, email address and password, please go to the account page, which is also linked to on the far right of the top bar when you are logged in.

I signed up for an account, but I get a message that starts with: "Looks like you're new here!" What do I do?

If you were invited to join VeriSky via email, you must click the link provided in the email or sign up using the exact email address where the invite was sent.

If you were not invited to join VeriSky but are interested in using it for your organization, please contact to get set up with a free trial.

Can I export the VeriSky calendar to another calendar service such as Outlook or Gmail?

Not currently, but we hope to offer this feature in a future update.

How secure is the information input into my dashboard(s)?

VeriSky limits access to the information on your dashboard(s) to only the VeriSky employees needed to support your account and the users invited to the system. Those users only have access to information based on their roles. For example, a Student Leader only has access to the information regarding the specific Chapter to which they are invited. That means that the information is as secure as the organization admins choose to make it. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.