About VeriSky's Accreditation Solution

Accreditation made easy

Develop a customized accreditation program for your chapters and colonies. Create unlimited requirements, set individual due dates, require documents be submitted for approval, and best of all, assign volunteers and staff to help manage the prcoess.

Accreditation collaboration at its finest

Assign overseers, managers, and student leaders to each application to help manage the accreditation process. This system adds transparency between staff, volunteers, university constituents, and chapter leadership.

Keep everyone on schedule

Tired of flipping through page after page to see which chapters are missing submissions? Tired of sending multiple reminders to ensure that support documents are sent in on time? VeriSky provides an interactive calendar, automatic notifications, and up to the minute updates.

Communicate with constituents

The chapter President needs clarification. The regional volunteer has a suggestion. With VeriSky, users have the ability to leave comments, which will immediately appear in the activity feed.

Custom accreditation reports for all your needs

VeriSky allows you to build custom reports by selecting the data that matters to you. Whether its a progress report or a detailed report with a dozen different fields for the next board meeting, the power is in your hands.

Analyze your accreditation program

Want to track chapter progress from year to year? Want to compare the performance of chapters in different regions? We are committed to developing analysis tools to study the trends.

Interested in using our accreditation system?

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