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Why do some of the requirements ask for support documents and others do not?

There are two different types of requirements: those that require support documents to be completed and those that are completed automatically after a stated period of time. If support documents are required, review the description and action item for that requirement to detaskine what documents are required.

How do I upload support documents to a requirement?

Open the requirement by clicking on "view details," then click on "upload new support document" to attach a document, spreadsheet, or photo. You may upload as many documents as needed to complete that requirement. Each support document is limited to 10 MB so when uploading extremely large documents such as scanned images and PDFs, you may have to split it up into multiple uploads.

How do I submit a requirement for approval?

After you have uploaded the appropriate support documents, you may click the large green button labeled "submit for verification." If you would like, you can leave a comment with your submission. The manager assigned to the requirement will be notified immediately of your submission and will review the support documents before approving or rejecting the requirement.

Can I invite another chapter leader to help complete a requirement?

Yes, you may invite other members of your chapter to help you complete the requirements. Just click the button labeled "invite student leader." Enter an email address and name of the student that you would like to invite. They will be sent an invite email and will be able to sign up for an account.