VeriSky Blog

Over the past few weeks, a lot has changed within the Discipline Management Suite. Most notably, the user interface has received a major facelift with improvements made to the look and feel as well as the addition of a couple new features. Some of the major updates include:

All the info you need in one place!

New View of Terms

Term details are now available right on the sanction dashboard so you never have to leave the page. By clicking on "view details" all of the information you need will appear directly below the term. Along with this improvement, you will also notice the addition of an Activity Feed that features all activity associated with that term. Users also have the ability to leave comments and questions for each other in the Activity Feed, adding a bit of a social aspect to the system.

Other significant updates

  • Increased size limit of uploads to accommodate most documents and spreadsheets (if uploading a large scanned PDF, you may have to break it up into multiple files)
  • Administrators now have the ability to share the created sanction with managers before publishing. This gives managers the opportunity to provide feedback before the sanction is sent to the chapter leaders
  • Added email notifications to remind users of upcoming due dates and action items
  • Added a comment feature to each individual term to allow users to communicate with one another
  • Gave users the ability to delete uploaded files
  • Added progress bar to each sanction
  • Added password reset functionality (just in case you can't remember that all important password!)
  • Made significant backend changes that increase the speed of the entire site, making your experience faster