VeriSky Blog

Today we are happy to announce several minor updates and bug fixes. This round of updates was focused on improving the user experience and ensuring that from start to finish, your experience is glitch free. Below are some of the highlights of this update:

  • Several minor changes to sign up page.
  • All files from document share section will now open in a separate tab.
  • Removed unnecessary invite pages after sanction is published; all user additions are now done on the dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug that now allows overseers to be invited into the system without publishing a sanction.
  • Admin will now show up as the manager for terms that do not have a manager assigned.
  • Terms that do not require student action will no longer auto-complete on the due date; the terms  are now auto-submitted for approval to the assigned manager on the due date.
  • Chapter Designations have now been added to the sanction title on the sanction dashboard.
  • Chapter Designation and Sanction Name have now been added to actions in the recent activity feed as well as the calendar.
  • Terms will now auto-sort by due date, rather than alphabetical order (you will soon have the ability to sort all columns as you wish, but this will come in a future update).
  • Overseers have been provided with additional user contact information within their organization.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing users with multiple roles to show up twice in the user list.
  • Fixed an error with updating account information.

Stay tuned for some exciting new features and updates coming soon.