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Yes folks. We have decided to slip in one more update as September officially comes to a close. In addition to several minor enhancements and bug fixes, we are rolling out three new features.

Attach a Document to a Project

Whether you are looking to upload a Charge Letter to a chapter probation, a Consultant Report to a list of chapter goals, or a Colony Development Guide to a colony petition, we have you covered. Until now, document uploads were restricted to individual requirements, but Admins and Overseers may now attach an unlimited number of documents to the overall project.

To upload a document, select a project from the list and click on "view details" near the top of the dashboard. Once the details expand, you will see several options, including "Attach New Document." Clicking on this will allow you to select a file from your computer to attach. You may attach as many files as you would like. Managers and Student Leaders may access these files from the details section of their dashboard.

Document Upload

Assign a "Point Person"

Several organizations have asked us to allow for a "point person" to be assigned to each project. This point person does not receive any additional functionality beyond their role as an admin or overseer, but this feature serves to main purposes:

  1. The assigned point person is essentially in charge of that particular project. With multiple admins and overseers inhabiting the people list, assigning a point person avoids confusion by letting other users know who to contact with questions.
  2. Assigning yourself as a point person on the projects that you are leading will help you to organize your dashboard. All of the projects that you are assigned to will show up first in your list. All other projects will be hidden unless you click on "view all sanctions."

To assign a point person to all existing projects, follow these easy steps: select a project from the list, select "view details" at the top of the dashboard, click on "edit info," and then assign a point person from the drop-down list. Only admins and overseers may be assigned as a point person. When creating a new project, you will be able to select a point person during the creation process.

Point Person

Edit Published Projects

A long awaited feature has finally arrived. You may now add and edit requirements within a published project. While there are some restrictions, admins and overseers now have the ability to edit the title, description, due date, and manager on existing requirements. Admins and overseers may also add additional requirements to the list. It is important to note that while edits and additions may be made after publication, requirements may not be deleted after a project has been published. It is also important to note that every time an edit is made, a note is placed in the activity feed that will notify all other users of the change.

Editing Terms

As always, we want to hear your feedback. Do you like these new features? What would you like to see next? Please email with your questions, comments, concerns, or genius ideas. We are listening!