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We have added lots of new features both on the surface and behind the scenes. Let's dive in and see what's new with Verisky.

Customizing dashboard headers

Sanction, Term, Requirement, Plan of Action, Probation... We've heard them all. We understand that your organization may use unique verbiage when it comes to disciplinary actions, so we are happy to customize your dashboard for you. During the setup process, just let us know what verbiage you prefer and we will be sure to customize the dashboard to meet your needs.

System emails now come from "You"

We understand that your students, volunteers, and other constituents don't want to hear from us on a daily basis. We also understand that too much email from any one company can result in deleting emails without even opening them. With that being said, we think that our email notifications are very important and will help ensure that chapter leaders complete the requirements of their sanction on time. So, after some great feedback from our friends at Sigma Nu, we have made some changes to the way our email notifications work. When a chapter leader receives a notification about an upcoming term that is due, it will still be sent from our servers, but it will now come under the name of the administrator on that account. That means students are receiving emails from your staff that they know and trust rather than some company they aren't familiar with. We also have added a feature that allows the student or volunteer to respond directly to that email and have their response sent right to the administrator rather than to us at VeriSky. Pretty neat, huh?

Link file share materials to individual terms


You may have noticed the file share feature on your main dashboard. This file share is a great place for an organization to store contracts, best practices, policies, and templates for easy access by students, volunteers, and other constituents. Thanks to some great feedback from Phi Delta Theta, we have also added a feature that allows an organization to attach these files directly to an individual requirement within a sanction. By attaching a file directly to the term, the student will be able to just open the term, click on the document, and download it to their computer without ever having to leave the page. Convenient? We think so.

Select your chapters from a list

We know how precious your time is and in a world with way too many tasks and way too little time, every second counts. That is why we are doing everything we can to speed up the sanction creation process. When we setup your dashboard for the first time, we will have you provide us with a list of your active chapters along with their designations. So now, when you create a sanction, you will no longer need to type in information about the chapter, just select it from the list. Not only does this speed up things for you, but it also ensures that we maintain accurate records in our database. This means better reporting and analytics for you. Fantastic!

What else are we working on?

We pride ourselves in pumping out micro-updates as often as possible. Who wants to wait months or even years for a new version of a product? We sure don't. So here is a sneak peak of some of the neat things that are coming soon.

Archiving Your Sanctions: We are working on providing you a better way to access and view archived sanctions. We are committed to preserving your disciplinary records for as long as you want to maintain them, complete with files, comments, timestamps, and users. Not only is it handy to be able to store all of your disciplinary records online, but having this data allows us to build some pretty neat reporting and analytic tools for you to assess your disciplinary program over a period of time.

Internet Explorer Compatibility: So we apologize for any inconvenience for those of you still using Internet Explorer as your primary internet browser. While the majority of our site is accessible in Internet Explorer, some of the features, design, and formatting may look or operate a little differently. We are working on this. For now, we suggest using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for the best experience.

Sanction Templates: We understand that some organizations use very similar sanctions for multiple disciplinary cases. For that reason, we want to make it easier for you to copy existing sanctions and terms over into your new project. This will eliminate the need for you to have to type in the same requirements over and over again. When you click on "sanction a new chapter" you will be able to select from an existing sanction template or create a new one.

Timeline: Ever remind someone to do something 3 or 4 times, but they deny it when they fail to follow through? Yeah, we hate that too. So we are developing a timeline for each sanction that administrators will be able to access right from the sanction dashboard. The timeline will include any and all activity on that sanction in chronological order, including any notification emails sent from the system, comments made within VeriSky, terms approved, rejected, or completed, and every other action taken by any user in that dashboard. We think this could come in handy.

Multiple Dashboards: So this is a top secret project that we have been working on for a while now and we think it is pretty cool. Through all of our testing and the great feedback we have received, we have come to realize that the technology we have built is applicable in several areas other than just chapter discipline. While we can't share all of the details with you right this moment, we will be sure to update you as soon as the additional dashboards are available. Here's looking at you Mr. Expansion Director...

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