VeriSky Blog

It's been over a year since we last posted about what's changed at VeriSky. We've been working tirelessly to improve features, fix bugs, and give everyone who uses our product the best experience possible. There are some updates we made that are worth explicitly calling out - so here are the top items on that list.

First, on the security front: we previously only encrypted logged in and sensitive pages. That has been upgraded to full site encryption, even extending to the blog you're reading. That means everything is encrypted during transit, so you'll maintain a secure connection to the VeriSky site the entire time you're on it.

The Manager role has been expanded. To start, Managers can now be assigned to templates. If they are and that template is used, then they will automatically be assigned to the resulting event or probation. Managers can also be assigned directly to chapters, with similar results: if a chapter creates an event, then their Manager will be auto-assigned.

Related to that, there is also an entirely new feature, the "Manage Chapter(s)" page. This allows anyone with access to one or more chapters to see all their details and Leaders in one place, which includes the chapter archive. Admins can use this page to modify chapter details like the name and designation, if those ever change for some reason. It's also a powerful tool for helping bring new volunteers and officers up to speed.

Tasks have been changed to allow for more control. Task due dates are no longer restricted to the future - they can be moved to any time, including the past. Tasks can now be edited even after they've been submitted by a leader, and they can also be deleted even after publishing. The language for the task "verify," "approve," and "reject" buttons can now be customized per dashboard, and the interface for those buttons has been greatly simplified. This allows for better management of the entire process around completing tasks.

Lastly, you'll notice a few additions to the user account page. First, all email notification preferences have been moved there, so they are in a single, unified location. The preferences are also more fine-grained than they were before, allowing for better control of which notifications are sent. You'll also find that you can directly upload a profile picture to VeriSky - no more need to use third-party services if you don't want to.

Those are the big items. There's a slew of other updates we made throughout the year, including some pretty massive speed enhancements. There will be more to come as we continue to improve. In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions or ideas for how we can keep making VeriSky better!