VeriSky Blog

After 18 months of development and beta testing, we officially launched our new discipline management service on September 10, 2012. Demos are currently underway with several fraternity headquarters and we are looking to open up the service to sorority headquarters next week. VeriSky provides Fraternity and Sorority headquarters employees all of the tools they need to create, manage, and collaborate on chapter discipline. Our cloud-based service allows the staff to develop customized sanctions, track due dates and completion rates, communicate with chapter officers and volunteers, and keep the rest of their staff and board in the loop.

"We are very excited to see our concept come to fruition," said Jacob Kingdon, Co-Founder and CEO of VeriSky. "Our collaborative management technology is unlike any other service in the market. We have taken a process that is inherently reactive, isolated, and time-consuming and completely flipped it on its head." In Jacob’s former position as Director of Chapter Services for Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, he spent four years overseeing the chapter discipline process for the 170-chapter fraternity.

"We believe that VeriSky will change the way that organizations perceive the discipline process," added Jacob. "Our goal is to develop a service that not only simplifies and expedites the sanctioning process, but also provides organizations with relevant comparative data and analysis tools to help them spend more time being proactive."

To learn more about VeriSky and see the service in action, explore our website or sign up for a free demo. "We are working tirelessly to update the service and add new features every week." Jacob added. "We have built a company around real people doing real work, and our customer's feedback is directly used to improve our end-user’s experience."

VeriSky specializes in the online managing, tracking, and analyzing of disciplinary information for Greek organizations and is the first company in the market to provide discipline management services tailored specifically for Greek Headquarters.