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Over the past year we have quietly rolled out an event planning product that has changed the way fraternity and sorority chapters register events with their headquarters and student affairs office. Many campuses and headquarters require chapters to register events such as socials, mixers, formals, and exchanges prior to hosting an event. Usually the process looks something like this:

Event Flow Chart

The entire process is complicated, time-consuming and inefficient. We have talked with some headquarters that have had to hire additional full-time staff just to handle chapter event registration. Some Greek Advisors have stated that they spend so much time reviewing event registration paperwork each week that it interferes with their other responsibilities such as developing educational programming and advising students. Many mid-sized headquarters and campuses we have spoken with are receiving 40-70 event registration forms per month and on average, each event requires an additional 5-7 supporting documents such as proof of liability insurance from a third party vendor, transportation and DJ contracts, copies of liquor licenses, and guest lists. On the low end, over 200 documents are changing hands each month through email, fax, and snail mail just to ensure that chapters are having safe events.

With guidance and support from our customers, we have developed a solution that has revolutionized the event planning process. VeriSky provides a central location for submitting, reviewing and approving documents. Our intuitive dashboard offers integrated communication tools and automatic notifications and reminders to students, staff, and volunteers. By automating many of the time-consuming processes outlined in the flow chart above, we have reduced hours of work into mere minutes.

VeriSky has simplified the process into 4 quick and easy steps:


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