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In this week's update, you will notice the introduction of view-only privileges that may be assigned to administrators. We will be introducing these view-only privileges to other user types in the future, but for now, we want to share some best practices for using this new function:

Board Members — Does your board of directors want to have access to your dashboards? Are you worried they may accidentally change, add, or delete something? We are too. Give them "view only" privileges and they will be able to view all of your organization's data without being able to change a thing. We think your board will enjoy seeing up-to-the-second progress on high profile probations and colony petitions.

Committees — Do you have a committee that oversees discipline or expansion or accreditation? Do you want them to be able to view the progress that your staff is making? Invite them in without the fear of anything being deleted.

Executive Staff — Do you have an Executive Director that likes to have a finger on the pulse of every area of operations. Not a problem. Just check the little box to give him or her "view only" privileges to all of your dashboards.

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Look for more great updates coming soon!

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